Political Fatigue

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I’ve found myself caught in these strange loops in the last few years where I’m simultaneously horrified at the way politics is unfolding in my country around me, but unable to do all that much about it.  I vote, and I discuss with relatives and friends, but I am always aware that such actions are […]

The Age of Irony

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Irony drains on me.  I never thought I would reach a point in my life in which insincerity of opinion and behavior would characterize so many of other people’s interaction with me and those around me.  There was a point on the internet in which irony was a tool of comedy and lambasting mainstream culture.  […]

A Long-Overdue Update!

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What a crazy series of months! In the time from late February to now, life took me for quite the ride.  I’ve travelled all over the United States, moved to the West Coast, caught a terrible sickness, and worked greatly on improving my personal wellness.  Since the last time I updated my personal blog, I […]