Political Fatigue

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I’ve found myself caught in these strange loops in the last few years where I’m simultaneously horrified at the way politics is unfolding in my country around me, but unable to do all that much about it.  I vote, and I discuss with relatives and friends, but I am always aware that such actions are […]

Torturous Little Things

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Dreams are torturous little things. I have incredibly vivid dreams, and I’ve always been thankful of this fact, despite that it means some days my dreams really fuck with me.  There’s this unique range of emotions that seems exclusive to dreams: hazy nostalgia and melancholy mixed with the sense of more memories just out of […]


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This piece is a fan piece based off of Sarah Almeda’s “Valentroid” OC ship.  Everyone should take a look at her art and go check out the #valentroid ship hashtag, because its wonderfully wonderfully adorable.    this #cutiesaturday lemme ask u twitter: what if we partnered retro style samus aran with a cute galactic cadet […]

The Week the Writing Waxed

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After a number of depressingly bad writing weeks, I’ve finally had a bit of a break in the clouds.  This week the work came rolling in, and that is inspiring, if daunting.  I’m now working on a handful of gaming-related projects, which is just perfect.  I’ve been writing a great number of tabletop gaming articles, focusing […]

A Long-Overdue Update!

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What a crazy series of months! In the time from late February to now, life took me for quite the ride.  I’ve travelled all over the United States, moved to the West Coast, caught a terrible sickness, and worked greatly on improving my personal wellness.  Since the last time I updated my personal blog, I […]

The Blood Red Giant

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  The Blood Red Giant In my present daydreams, there is a great monster who rises from the sea, silhouetted by the red skies of sunset.  His wide, hollow eyes look over a city on the bluffs above the sea, but he is staring at me.  I am paralyzed by the recognition of his size […]

Welcome to “Emerald Winds!”

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Hello, and welcome to my blog: “Emerald Winds”!  My name is Emilie Sovis, I’m an author, and I will be typing out little essays and commentaries on whatever interests me or is relevant to my writing here.  The site is still undergoing some growth, but you can expect to find links to my books, short […]