The Week the Writing Waxed

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After a number of depressingly bad writing weeks, I’ve finally had a bit of a break in the clouds.  This week the work came rolling in, and that is inspiring, if daunting.  I’m now working on a handful of gaming-related projects, which is just perfect.  I’ve been writing a great number of tabletop gaming articles, focusing primarily on the history and basics of popular tabletop games, and I’ve also just received an opportunity to write about tabletop games in a different context which will involve less building guides for popular games.  Instead, my new work will be focusing on exploring the histories of a number of indie games!  Also, I’m currently interviewing for a position as a narrative designer for a company that develops a number of text-based games and I’m thrilled to be involved with that.

I’ve always wanted to get involved with game design, but I have no talent for programming whatsoever.  I have a great grasp of narrative and design concepts though, and gameplay, strategy, and player incentivization are something I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about over the years.  Gaming has been, by far, the dominant hobby of my life, rivaling even fiction reading.  Because of this fact, many of my stories and ideas are viewed through the lens of gaming and concepts therein.  I think this is why I had such an incredible and motivating experience writing my longest Dungeons and Dragons homebrew campaign, which ran with the same group for over a year.  There was something truly invigorating about trying to get into the minds of the players and tailor an experience that will most motivate, inspire, and surprise them.

I’m hoping that perhaps this new work will open doors for me to get experience and learning in the narrative side of gaming.  Games need writers, and maybe there is a place for me even without the ability to code.

Of course, if this windfall of words keeps coming, maybe there will be room for me to write and create my own projects and really dig in to some projects I’ve always dreamed of creating.  We shall see, we shall see.

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