A Long-Overdue Update!

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What a crazy series of months!

In the time from late February to now, life took me for quite the ride.  I’ve travelled all over the United States, moved to the West Coast, caught a terrible sickness, and worked greatly on improving my personal wellness.  Since the last time I updated my personal blog, I have undertaken a whole collection of writing jobs, so I’m really building up a career as a writer.  It feels quite good to build more value for my words — I did spend years in schooling mastering english after all!  Its been so busy and hectic that I’ve really fallen behind on my personal writing, but I can feel the winds of change coming.  I think it’s high time to start crafting a new world!

Anyway, expect me to update here more.  I want to make it my mission to provide a place where people can keep up with me and my work.  Now, it is time to rest because more adventures await me tomorrow.  (It looks like I might be traveling *again* soon, which is a great undertaking in and of itself!)

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