My Thoughts on the Election:

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My thoughts on the election:

Last night was most certainly a depressing night.  I have a lot going on in my head about this election, so I’m going to try to distill the essentials here so that anyone who is interested in reading my views on the thing can see them essentially summarized here.

There are a lot of people to blame for the outcome of this election, and the first and foremost is Hillary Clinton.  Third party voters likely helped Hillary, not hurt her.  So don’t go blaming third party voters.

Hillary Clinton fucked the Democrats, and the Democrats fucked the Democrats because they didn’t vote.  Hillary Clinton and her base made snide attacks on the Republican base, and more than that, they made attacks on the American public.  Trump did much the same, but he did it in a manner that is politically acceptable, as unfortunate as that is.  Hillary Clinton did not.  You cannot call the electoral majority of the country racist and sexist, even if it’s partially true.  You cannot mock a whole group in a blanket manner and expect them to not want revenge on you. They will fuck you if you do that.  And fuck they did.

Hillary Clinton, for all her boasting about political intelligence and experience, forgot the most basic rule of politics in our democracy: you have to appease the majority.  At the very least, you cannot mock the majority because they will want revenge. Donald Trump acted like a mirror for our country, he gave his base what they wanted.  The majority loved him because he promised big fat lies, but they were lies the majority wanted to hear.  They wanted to hear that he would fuck up Washington, that he would be handing out black eyes left and right.
Hillary Clinton left herself open to so much theorizing on conspiracy.  She should have put those to rest and put them to rest honestly.  But she did not.  Despite running on a platform of superior morality, her apologies were half-hearted at best and she avoided coming out and confronting her bad behavior clearly.  She could have easily said, “I don’t like it, but this is the way it was done and we will not do it anymore.”  All of us knew the email nonsense was dirty, and it became an argument of how dirty.

And this is the candidate who was so confident in herself that she fucked Bernie Sanders out of a primary nomination.  The DNC helped her.  Where did everyone’s conscience go?  How do you expect to win on a platform of morality against one of the dirtiest candidates we’ve ever had by behaving in such a morally troubling way?

Hillary Clinton is now responsible for losing an election whose results might sit with us for decades.  Our country has only just begun making progress on issues of equal rights, and now we are experiencing an incredible swing backwards.  If it had not been for Hillary Clinton, if we had had a clean candidate who stood up for their morals, this swing could have been prevented.

Blaming the FBI, or the Electoral college, or even racists or sexists just isn’t accurate.  Hillary Clinton was the wrong candidate, but we had no choice because she knew the system well enough to get herself into the position.

We will have no freedom until we reform the party system.  None of these elections matter.  The people will continue to get screwed until we reform the way our votes are handled.  We need a runoff vote or some similar way to break up the power of the two-party system.  There is too much consolidated power, and that was incredibly clear this election.

Donald Trump is not the answer anyone was looking for.  The man is a serial liar who has successfully fooled the right-leaning voters of this country.  You’ve all been had.  Look at the man’s past and you’ll realize he is just as corrupt as Hillary Clinton, if not more.  He is not a Christian, like he claims.  He has no morals.  He steals from and bullies the poor, like he did in Scotland, personally ruining poor old folks lives in the name of profit.  You’ve been utterly fooled if you think this man represents your interests at all.

Donald Trump himself is not even my biggest concern here: look at the people who are coming into office with him, the people he is appeasing and had to appease in order to win the White House.  Mike Pence is the most obvious example:  A man who supported federal funds being diverted from HIV treatment to conversion therapy.  I urge any of you who don’t know about conversion therapy to do some cursory research.  The idea of intentionally and permanently psychologically traumatizing someone in order to “correct” their sexuality is beyond disgusting.

In addition to all his corruption, and the fact that he essentially acted as the battering ram to let more social conservatives into office, he has no respect for the right any more than he does the left.  If you oppose him, he will insult, drag you, hound you just like he did to his previous opponents.  You’d best hope you agree with him on everything, else you’ll be his next target.

A lot of people seem to have voted for Trump to counter “political correctness” or “the regressive left” or even “SJWs.”  I can understand that to some degree, because I fucking hate these garbage websites that churn out articles about how every new video game is sexist and every person who disagrees with their shitty website is racist.  I think its stifling and I think its abusive.  I think that major voices on the left have abused their power to go far over the top in their criticisms of others, and I think they’ve deliberately empowered really unethical people.


But they are truly a loud minority.  Responding with anger to them by voting in someone like Trump is not helping.  It’s the two-wrongs answer.

I can understand why white people would be mad about moronic bloggers accusing them of having innate racism.  I can understand why men would be mad about moronic bloggers calling them innate rapists.  Such writings infuriate me and I actively oppose such people.

But does anyone understand or care why people like me might be afraid of a Trump presidency and a social conservative backlash?  While I absolutely do not believe that white people are innately racist or men are innately sexist, the fact exists that there are sexist and racist attitudes present and prevalent in America today.  It’s not just in the dark corners either.  As I said above, we now have a Vice President who is vocally and in the past violently anti-gay (yes, conversion therapy is most definitely violence.)

There are transphobic and homophobic people in Trump’s vanguard already, people who deliberately want to dial back the clock on civil rights in a way that severely effects my life.  I do not think that the majority of Trump voters are sexist, racist, homophobic or otherwise, but I do believe they are there, and they just used Trump to get a lot of power.

People tell me “nothing’s going to happen” but offer no real convincing proof of that.


Hear me out here:


Most of the Trump supporters I know have never lived in a time in which they were denied the right to marriage.


Most of the Trump supporters I know have never had to go through a name or gender change process which is expensive, difficult, and often horribly humiliating.


Most of the Trump supporters I know have never been denied healthcare coverage for something they have no control over.


I have.  My partner has.


And there is more to consider:


How many Trump supporters have had a major candidate openly discuss building a police force which will inevitably profile them in a search for illegals who might look like them?

How many Trump supporters have had a candidate declare their religion a problem which requires a ban of all followers of it?

This doesn’t mean Trump supporters are incapable of empathy.  In fact I believe strongly that the only way to make things better is to work together.  I accept that Donald Trump is now the president of the United States.  I don’t like it.  I feel like people were gambling my rights on their presidential candidate in a very real way.

But I am willing to fight against those leftie demagogues for you if you’ll join me in securing my basic rights.

I’m no fool though.  I won’t fall for lies.  I’ve proven my fight against garbage media: I’ve written letters and I’ve helped make legitimate change.

Will Trump supporters do the same for me?  Or will my rights get left to rot once their concerns are taken care of?

The Blood Red Giant

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The Blood Red Giant

In my present daydreams, there is a great monster who rises from the sea, silhouetted by the red skies of sunset.  His wide, hollow eyes look over a city on the bluffs above the sea, but he is staring at me.  I am paralyzed by the recognition of his size and the ruthlessness I know he possesses.  He will destroy everything I know if I run, and, even if I somehow muster the incredible strength necessary to fight him, I will likely be unable to save much of what I love and know.
There is something fascinating to me about cataclysm in fiction.  In all cases, there is a winnowing of the unimportant things that crowd life.  Choose what you wish to save, and choose wisely.

Few stories manage to convey the sickening and dire nature of true-to-life cataclysm, and even when they do, stories of cataclysm seem to act more as a form of escapism in which the world is simplified down to a few colossal dangers instead of the endless deluge of anxieties, silent killers, and unexpected endings.

I can’t help but feel that we are naturally ill-equipped creatures for living in an age of constant information.  We like monsters, we like asteroids, we like things we can focus all our energy on and universally despise.  Are our brains begging us for villains?  Somehow, a worldwide evil can seem preferable to an ocean of individualized evils to which we can respond only variably.

Following my dreams, I’ve found myself delving into more apocalypse fiction.  It hurts in a different way than the barrage of deception, theft, death, and betrayal that litters all forms of non-fiction media.  Or perhaps it is incorrect of me to say that it truly hurts at all:  I often find myself returning from a foray into a devastated world other than my own somehow more calm and measured than I was before.  Walking through the ashes of another universe acts at times as a supplement to my emotional liver, a cathartic dance through which I can sweat out all the sadness and fear and pain that is implicit to upheaval.

As far as I can tell, passion must be indulged carefully when parsing the problems we face here.  Solutions are imperfect, facts are only partially understood.  The world seems to demand of us unconjurable patience for nearly every issue that falls before us, lest we fall into foolishness and injustice.  Endings don’t always feel like the credits are about to roll, and that must be remembered frequently or else anger and hatred will pull us on a darker trajectory than any of our most haunted dreams would project.

So I scream at the dying sun, bleed out before the dark lord, get in the robot, and then return more ready than before. I can’t help but feel the world depends on it.

Welcome to “Emerald Winds!”

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Hello, and welcome to my blog: “Emerald Winds”!  My name is Emilie Sovis, I’m an author, and I will be typing out little essays and commentaries on whatever interests me or is relevant to my writing here.  The site is still undergoing some growth, but you can expect to find links to my books, short stories, and articles up here in the days to come.  You can also expect lots of news and updates   If you’d like to write to me, feel free to comment here or click the email button!  Hope you enjoy everything I write here.